About Cass

About Cass

Cass Meurig is a Christian minister, composer and musician living in Bala, North Wales. She writes and performs songs based on scripture, congregational hymns and liturgical settings to Welsh folk tunes.

Cass is well known as a musician, having had a successful career in traditional music before entering the ministry. She is one of Wales’ foremost players of the fiddle and the crwth, a medieval bowed lyre, as well as a singer and storyteller.  After performing and recording with Welsh bands Fernhill and Pigyn Clust, she released a solo album ‘Crwth’ in 2004, and two duo albums, ‘Deuawd’ and ‘Oes i Oes’ with guitarist Nial Cain. She has played on many stages internationally and throughout Wales.

In 2012 she gave up her career in secular music to train for ministry in the Church in Wales and began to write songs combining traditional tunes with new lyrics reflecting on the Christian faith and life. She released a solo album ‘Taith’ featuring these songs in 2018 and a further collection, ‘Rwy’n Credu’ in 2023. 

During the Covid lockdowns Cass recorded a collection of her own liturgical settings and hymns to Welsh folk tunes. She released these on her youtube channel for use in online services, and they have become favourites with congregations throughout Wales.

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